Millions upon millions of people each year flock to live theater performances at locations across the planet.  The Stratford Festival of Ontario, Canada is an event that stands in a class by itself.  People are in awe of the collective talent who create the productions offered there, but often are not often aware of the amazing creativity and artistry that goes on behind the scenes.

In the video below, step into the creative process behind the scenes of wardrobe and costume creation, from concept to the stage by the designers and sewists of The Stratford Festival.

29 yards of fabric

90 unique cuts

11,500 feet of thread

140 hours of sewing

100 dress pleats

18 feet of boning ….

….one stunning dress!

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VIDEO:  Wardrobe at the Stratford Festival ~ Behind the Scenes:

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The Stratford Festival 2016 Information

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Sewing Machines


The History of Fashion on Pinterest

Costume Creation on Pinterest

1879 Worth Gown for Alice Wade Everett

 Image Credit:

1879 Worth Gown for Alice Wade Everett

Held at the Western Reserve Historical Society.

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