The Sewing Spider

A sewing lesson from The Spiders ~

Did You Make That?

spider web

How long does it take a spider to become really good at webs?

I was chatting with a friend at the weekend. She’s probably a couple of years into her sewing career and we discussed some of the challenges. ‘Part of it,’ I said, ‘is that you just need to get a lot of sewing hours under your belt.’

There’s a popular conceit that it takes 10,000 hours to become really good at something. Is this true? After five years of sewing, I’m nowhere near that! But I do think that better sewing is about more sewing.

I realised it might help to touch on some of the frustrations my friend has felt as she’s patiently taught herself how to sew.

I Sew Clothes That I Don’t Wear

This is really common. You toil for hours to complete an item … and then it languishes in a drawer. Why? There are two main answers: you’re…

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