Kansas City Couple Makes Little “Angel Gowns” For Newborn Babies Who Have Passed Away

He attends garage sales around Kansas City searching for and purchasing second-hand wedding gowns, fine fabrics and bits of lace.  He takes them home to his wife who cuts and refashions the fabrics into tiny gowns.  The beautiful tiny dresses are known as “Angel Gowns.”

John Wright and his wife Diane create and donate the gowns to parents who have lost a baby. The infants include preemies who didn’t make it as well as stillborns.  One upcycled wedding dress,  can be used to make anywhere between 8-15 angel gowns.  (View touching video at link below)


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In 2013, NICU Helping Hands started the Angel Gown Program to provide “comfort for bereaved families through the gift of a beautiful custom made gown for final photos and for burial services.”

Visit and Support Helping Hands Angel Gown Project Online

Sewing Machines for those who create for others


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