ISAAC SINGER: Sewing Machine Patent


On this day in 1851, American inventor Isaac Singer received his first patent on what would become the sewing machine we know and love today.

Isaac Singer Sewing Machine Credits: Biography, Quilting Board.

Sewing machines already existed and many different patents, owned by many different inventors were already in place. After examining sewing machines in his friend’s repair shop, Singer thought they would be much more reliable if instead of a circle, the shuttle operated in a straight line. Which then led to him removing the curved needle and replacing it with a straight one.

This change made the sewing machine much more practical and easy to produce. The improved machine could sew up to 900 stitches per minute, which was totally unheard of.

Isaac Singer Sewing Machine Credit: Britannica

To help manufacture the machines and bring them into peoples homes, all the patent holders came together to form a patent pool, in which an…

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